Yoga and wellbeing with a fizz!

The Crissylis philosophy is simple; To achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit, to transmute that into sheer happiness and joy, balance is an essential ingredient to life i.e. work and play, effort and surrender, exercise and rest and for some, spirits and spirituality. As we know, life is one great balancing act and sadly if we don’t achieve it, we can suffer from a whole range of ailments. If you find you are getting too much of one thing and not enough of one thing, finding the middle ground is imperative for your overall wellbeing.

The Crissylis approach incorporating yoga, wellbeing and fun will make it easier for you to achieve that balance – so you can embrace life to the fullest. Yoga is a proven, fundamental part of life’s balance, as is a sense of wellbeing and Crissy Soanes, the founder of Crissylis, brings a refreshing difference in her classes and weekend workshops.  Crissy has been involved with yoga, healing and holistic therapies for the last 30 years and her journey has taken her worldwide teaching and gaining knowledge and wisdom from great masters.  Her mission is to pass this great gift on through balance and fun thereby re-educating the mind, body and spirit.

Latest events

Weekend Retreat in Sussex 2014
The next Crissylis Yoga and Wellness weekend is on the 31st Jan until the 2nd Feb 2014 at the beautiful Deans Place Hotel at Alfriston, East Sussex. 
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"Fun and laughter is a great healer and everyone has the right to good health!"